Extreme diversity of activities available when visiting Egypt,

📍 Cairo the capital:
In Cairo it is often the port of destination. You cannot miss visiting one of the most important landmarks in Cairo, Egypt, and even the whole world. They are the pyramids in the Giza region, a guide takes you on a tour of the archaeological area to see the large pyramids, the Sphinx, the faithful keeper of the pyramids, in addition to the sun boat and many rare Pharaonic monuments that are unparalleled in the whole world.
You can also visit the Great Museum, which includes hundreds of rare artefacts, belonging to different eras, telling about the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization, and reflecting the originality of its present.
You can also visit the old quarter in Cairo, where you see many heritage buildings dating back to the Fatimid era, wander around the antique markets, and buy a lot of souvenirs from Khan Al
In the evening, you can go on a Nile cruise, and enjoy a wonderful dinner at one of the luxurious floating restaurants.


If you head north, you will reach Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast, where you can visit the Aquarium, and Qaitbay Castle.

You can also visit the Montazah area, which includes the Royal Montazah Palace with its rich gardens, rare plants, and trees, some of which are more than 100 years old.
In the Abu Qir region, you can practice diving, and see the ruins of the mysterious city of Heracleion.

📍Siwa oasis:

In the direction of the south, not far from Cairo, the isolated Siwa Oasis is located in the middle of the desert, which is a unique part of Egypt, and where you can experience the simple Bedouin life, and visit many of its archaeological attractions.

You can rent a bike, wander the narrow streets of the oasis, among the lush palm trees, and mingle with the kind people of the oasis.

You can also try eating the high-quality dates and olives that the oasis is famous for.
On your way to the Temple of the Oracle, you will encounter the Cleopatra Bath, one of Siwa’s famous landmarks, and a swim in the Cleopatra Bath is one of the distinctive activities that cannot be missed.

In a unique experience, you can try staying in Adrere Amellal, which is built of mud and salt, and live a unique experience away from the noise of modernity and civic life, as the building is completely isolated, has no electricity, and is very suitable for rest and meditation.

📍Hurghada and red sea:

And if you decide to visit the city of Hurghada, you can visit Gifton Island, enjoy a tour on the feet of Hurghada Marina, or practice diving and watch the sunken monuments, and enjoy watching the rare aquatic life in the Red Sea with rare marine creatures and reserves that include wonderful coral reefs.


For mountain climbing enthusiasts, there is ample room to practice your favourite hobby in the Sinai Mountains, where you can rent climbing equipment, and have a wonderful experience when you stand on the top of the mountain, and watch the wonderful sunset from the summit.

You also have the option to go out on a 4X4 car trip and adventure in the desert between soft sand hills, and enjoy the magical views of the desert extending within sight. It is an unforgettable adventure.

You can also do a safari in the desert, visit the Echo Mountain, have distinguished Bedouin dinner, and enjoy a delicious dinner while watching the various artistic reviews.

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📍Luxor and Aswan:

And in the far south, you can head on a Nile cruise aboard one of the luxurious floating hotels in an unforgettable trip to the cities of Luxor and Aswan, where history began from there. Many sightseeing tours and visiting ancient temples, especially the Temple of Philae and the Great Temple of Abu Simbel, and walking in the footsteps of the great Pharaohs of Egypt.


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