Handicrafts and souvenirs
Shopping and buying souvenirs may be one of the most beautiful activities that a visitor does when he comes to Egypt.


Souvenirs are related to handicrafts, and are not limited to models of pharaonic statues and inscriptions only. There are even a lot of options.
You can get high-quality fabrics, printed and embroidered T-shirts made of the best cotton in the world , the Egyptian cotton , and you can also get some masterpieces made of glass, which can be engraved with your name in Arabic and English, as well as hieroglyphs , as Egypt is famous by modeling glass from the ancient eras.
During your sightseeing tour in popular areas, you can watch skilled workers forging metals and making antiques out of copper, silver or gold.

Moez street and Copper work

Some porcelain items cannot be missed Specially in old Cairo area and Fayoum, or a unique piece of painted Papyrus “the sacred ancient paper ” , or wonderful hand made carpets at Saqqara.

All these gifts, you will take home with you when you leave Egypt. You will make a wonderful impression on your friends when you present them with these gifts from the land of magic and imagination.

Hand made rugs


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