Diving in the Blue Hole at Dahab
The Blue Hole at Dahab


We invite you to visit unreal Egyptian paradise in Dahab.

As we all know Egypt contains many of the most perfect diving points and beautiful beaches and scuba destinations in the world, Dahab is one of them.. and once you are there

you can snorkel , scuba dive , ride ATVs , hike and adventure throughout the area! Top attractions are the Blue Hole , The Blue Lagoon , hiking MT Sinai near St Catherine and cafes all along the golf of Aqaba.

There are a few who felt its sand between their toes , who have splashed their faces in its crystal waters, who have climbed the mountain of our prophets before us , who have eaten a meal among the mountain and the stars and seen a vibrant world inches below the surface of the sea, this place is real , it exists in Sinai Peninsula where people are free to dress and act as they choose.

Dahab is the cornerstone of our modern world, it has the clearest water and the most powerful dessert mountain . There you will conquer the most relaxed culture of the Middle East , and the most underrated beach destination of the world , this is Dahab.

The blue hole

Highly recommended as there are a few blue holes in the world.
It is one of the most famous dive spots in the entire world , there is so much marine life that you can see fish of all kinds and you could see the colours and the reef and every it is absolutely incredible.

Diving in the blue hole at Dahab

A piece of heaven under water .If you are into diving this is the spot for you. The hole is popular for free diving , it is a perfect place with calm deep water.

Most tourists prefer to snorkel there , the snorkelling experience there is really taking the breath away you have to try it yourself, But we recommend diving there to enjoy the fantastic views of the corals and fish at the deepest place in the red sea.

Not only rare corals and colourful fishes, but a whole unique world literally! .

Also if you aren’t a good swimmer the guide will help you there.

Blue hole is a breath-taking place from the mountains surrounded the place to the perfect weather,

the experience itself will melt your heart , the more you stay there the more you enjoy the reefs and fascinated under water life that full of colours. Stunning scenery, iconic location, deserves it’s reputation as a world famous dive site, breathtakingly beautiful with clear water, colourful corals and fishes playing with you , it feels like you are diving at the space.

No words can describe the amazing bills of blue hole entry point where you decent with great view, then you go by the reef for around 300 m before you reach the safe exit. Why it is that incredible , you may ask, as It has corals & marine life ,visible for scuba diving, free divers and snorkelling as well very clear warm water, we can’t wait to see you around.

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