Security in Egypt

visitor to Egypt feels unparalleled pleasure when wandering the streets of Egypt, especially in the heritage places such as Khan Al-Khalili and Al-Muizz Street.
Shopping and buying souvenirs is a lot of fun, but the real fun is doing all these activities in a safe environment.
In some countries, warnings are spread to tourists and visitors to avoid leaving a hotel after a certain hour of the night. However, the matter is different in Egypt.
In some large cities such as Cairo and Alexandria, the activity on the streets does not end until the early hours of the morning. Some of those who visited Egypt said that Cairo is a city that never sleeps.
Just as wandering around the streets and markets is fun, the nightlife in Egypt has another character and flavour.
There are many nightclubs in many tourist places, and there are theatres that offer various kinds of arts.
There are theatrical and musical performances, and cinemas, and then nightlife on the Nile or the sea. It’s fun that never ends.

Same land ..different cultures of people

The distinguished geographical location of Egypt in the heart of the world made it an important commercial centre, and it gained strategic importance, which increased the ambitions of the invaders in it.

Egypt was once the largest global power, and since 341 BC when the Persians invaded Egypt, it has been ruled by many foreign powers, among them the Greeks, the Romans and the Ottomans.
For centuries, many peoples’ cultures fused in Egypt, and there was great diversity.
Wherever you go in Egypt, you will find that each place has a distinct character, and its own culture, but it is all combined in what resembles a pure Egyptian culture. You will not find that alienating difference. But you will find a monolithic difference.
There is a rural character in the delta regions, a coastal character in coastal cities such as Ismailia and Port Said, and there is a modern civilized face in the cities of Cairo and Alexandria.
Also, you will find the Bedouin cultural character in the desert areas, as is the case in the Sinai desert, or the Western Sahara whenever you head west towards the Libyan border.
You will also find Nubian culture in the far south of

All are Egyptians

in Egypt you can meet and deal with different cultures according to the place you visit,
The modern people in main cities like Cairo , Giza and Alexandria
The fishermen in the sea-front cities such as Alexandria , Port saed , Suez
Bedouin people in The eastern desert and Siwa or in the east and Sainai.
Nubian people in the Aswan in the South
farmers in the country side arround the cities and along the Nile river.

you are welcome any time

Egypt, where kindness and simplicity.
Whatever the matter, wherever you go, and whatever the culture of the people you deal with, the common factor that he will always encounter is the friendliness, welcome and hospitality that characterizes the Egyptian people, regardless of their different cultures and temperaments.


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