hotels in Egypt

Accommodation is one of the most important factors that anyone visiting a new country pays attention to, and it can be said that the diversity of accommodation is one of the reasons that distinguish Egypt from others.

The Nile river cruises

On the financial economic level, there are various levels of residency in every place you visit in Egypt, and those levels are commensurate with different budgets. Whether your budget is limited or large, you will definitely find something that fits with your budget.
As for the qualitative level. The conversation goes on.
There are traditional hotels of different levels and degrees, and there are tourist villages and resorts.

There are also natural accommodations such as Adrere Amellal Inn in Siwa, Bedouin tents in Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, and also camps on the beachfront in Ras Shaitan and Dahab.
You can also find floating hotels in the Nile, which are a luxurious means of transportation. They also have different levels of prices and services.


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