Egyptian food

Egyptian Cuisine

Your hotel is liable to serve more European dishes than Egyptian ones.

But you should not miss any chance to savour the local fare whether at a simple snack bar or an elaborate Nile-side restaurant.

Famous Egyptian food

Start off with molokhia a green leafy vegetable cooked in broth with garlic. Pepper and rice to make a hearty soup.

Most Egyptians get along well on fool, a thick and savoury stew of beans flavoured with tomatoes and spices.

It’s delicious and is commonly served with oil and the juice of a lime or with taamia.

A paste made of the same beans plus other vegetables, mixed with parsley and spices and deep fried, Bikli (or turshi), spicy pickled vegetables show up frequently on Egyptian table.

Bread is the flat Middle Eastem type, especially well suited for Scooping up mouthfuls of leben zabadi (yogurt). Or tahina (sesame seed puree), or its variation baba ganoug (tahine with puree of baked aubergine / eggplant. Lemon and garlic).

Some restaurants specialize in Kebab. Succulent chunks of lamb or mutton marinated in spices and grilled over a spit.

A variation is Kofta minced or ground lamb spiced and wrapped around a flat grill to be grilled the same way, over charcoal. Then served on a bed of fresh parsley or coriander leaf.

Vegetarian food

if you are vegetarian don’t worry we recommend you test Koshary the Egyptian local food of rice ,macaroni , lintel , caramelized onion and tomato sauce. You will love it for sure.

Also you can order “Mahshi” The staffed vegetables it’s awesome

Sea food

Fish from the Mediterranean and red sea or the Nile river in pan or deep fried, Sometimes with an unexpected pinch of cumin added during cooking.

Large Alexandrian shrimp are a delicacy are grilled on a skewer over fragrant charcoal brazier.

Egyptians love to dine on pigeons the birds being split and grilled or stuffed, served on a bed of rice. It’s a rich man’s dish as there is not an abundance of meat, though the flavour is delicious.


Salads are served before and during the main course. Boiled cold beetroot is popular in season, and you will find it different to stop eating the excellent rice sliced tomatoes and cucumber with a dash of lemon juice or vinegar.

Green salads may contain a tart, almost peppery green leaf called gargir “Rocca” mixed with the lettuce. Once you’ve tasted it, chances are you’ll want to have it again.

Milk and cheese

Egyptian cheese is a disappointment, as even the best comes heavily salted.

This may be good for water retention in a desert climate, but it’s no treat for an unaccustomed palate. Processed cheese wrapped in foil is widely available.


For dessert, you can never go wrong with fresh fruits from the delta such as bananas, oranges, figs or guavas. A basket of dates will contain
And we will let you explore the oriental sweets yourself. Its yummy!

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