Hot air balloon in Luxor
Hot air balloon in Luxor

•Hot air balloon in Luxor

Are you scared of heights? If not, the hot air balloon in Luxor on early morning is a breath-taking experience to see Luxor from above,

Be ready to take the most beautiful pictures over the historic town of Luxor, also gaze upon the River Nile and the two Statues of Luxor from a new perspective is just worth the experience,

and worth it to not be scared of heights if you do. Luxor is famous for the museums, temples and ancient history,

while all visitors and tourists get to see all the treasures this city has, only few of them get to see these historic sights from the sky.

On unparalleled hot air balloon adventure, you could see Luxor from high above the desert, and snap stunning photos in the morning light as you soar through the sky and the trip could last from an hour to a full day, as per your choice.

•A hot air balloon ride over the nile river

Get a chance to see Luxor’s landscape , the temples, museum and ancient Egypt in Luxor from the sky, seeing the city from above and capturing unreal views in the sunlight is just so worth it.

Once the balloons are starting to go up, you will feel that sense of adventure that it is just floating in the air, surreal. Each balloon could carry up to 12 person, there are different packages ,

The most common package is 45 minutes to an hour.

•Best hot air balloon ride experience in Luxor

The best ride must include the following:

Best pilot, best place to try the hot air balloon ride at, and most importantly the time,

it is super important to take this ride in the morning before sunset to capture wonderful pictures at the sky,

having the ancient history of Luxor in the background, also best place must offer live tour guide, free cancellation and pickup.

Please note that you may have to book your tour one day before , so we recommend that you ask your guide or your online operator before going to the balloon’s station.

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