Local tours in Egypt  ( Life -seeing tourism )

Life -seeing tourism

Traditionally, a person “sees the high points” of a given location and thus feels that he or she has “seen” this area.

However, there is a growing belief among tourism specialists that such an approach, although traditionally valid, is by no means the best approach.

Purposeful activities that match the travellers interests are becoming more commonly accepted and recognized.

Local it!

Another aspect of life-seeing tourism is the opportunity to have social intercourse with families.

These families host the visitor or the visitor’s family in the evening after dinner for conversation and sociability.

Or the visitor can stay in a private home-an excellent way in which to become acquainted with the culture and lifestyle of persons in a different locality.

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Walk like an Egyptian

And in Egypt you can do all that, just chose which life would you like to live,
Do you want to live like a farmer in the country side?

Or try the fishermen’s life in the sea side?

Or a hand made artist ? Or maybe live in a simple coloured house in a small island in the heart of the Nile river and reach your home by a boat!?

Maybe to live a beduen life in the desert , Or you just want to live like a modern student or employee in large city or the capital using the public transportations and underground everyday going to work in a factory or a company ,

having your lunch in a local restaurant and take your afternoon tea sitting at a local coffee shop , just think what do you prefer and ask your guide to arrange it and book a local tour or a local stay for you.

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