LUXOR The Land of treasures
LUXOR The Land of treasures

The Land of treasures.. there is ,in truth, no monument in the world to compare with it.

The famous city in the south ,It is 670 km. from Cairo, the world’s greatest outdoor museum, rich in the awe-inspiring monuments of ancient civilization. It was the capital of Egypt during the pharaonic era

The name of Luxor

its name was “Waset” which means “mace” to express the extreme authority of this city, then the name was changed to Thebes and Its recent name,

Al- Ogsor, which means “The City of Palaces” named by Arabs when they dazzled with its palaces and temples which are still survived by the virtue of its granite and sandstone buildings.

The Nile river

The River Nile divided Luxor into two banks. On the East Bank, the City of Living, Luxor and Karnak Temples greet the sunrise.

The sunset on the West Bank throws shadows through the City of the Dead the Tombs at the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, you can walk through history; to see one third of the world monuments.

Ride on a horse-drawn carriage, sail in a felucca, take a sunset cruise or see the city from a hot-air balloon.

Eastern Bank of the Nile

Luxor Temple

It is located in the downtown beside the Nile. this temple was built for the worship of god Amon Rr and whose marriage anniversary’s festival to his wife (Mut) which celebrated once every year.

This temple is also famous for huge statues of the king and obelisks , its huge columns which end with the shape of papyrus plant, its fa├žade is decorated with inscriptions tell the story of his battles

Karnak temples

it is a complex of more than three temples, 3 km. from Luxor Temple, built on a massive scale.

The temples start with the Avenue of Rams which representing god Amon .

sound and light show

This exciting show consists of speech, light and music, tells the story of magnificent Karnak Temples. The program is presented in Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese languages every evening.

also you can see in the east bank: museums of Luxor and mummification.

West bank

Here you can see the funerary temples , the tombs and the colossi of Memnon , ramesseum, Habu temple and the Ramesseum

Deir El Bahri temple of Queen Hatshepsut

The strongest woman who ruled Egypt .and her amazing temple

The Valley of the kings

These tombs are ordered by the kings of the New kingdom to be carved in the rock-faces of the valley, including King Tut Ankh Amon‘s Tomb The golden king

The valley of the Queens

Like Queen Nefertari’s coloured tomb and others

all that attractions, beside you can do day tours from Luxor to Aswan , Abedos and Esna.

How to get to Luxor ?

From abroad:

Egypt Air together with Int. aviation companies operate regular flights directly to Luxor

From Cairo:

By Air: Egypt Air operates daily flights to Luxor.

By Train: The Railway Organization offers regular trips to Luxor
by air-conditioned trains or sleeping train

By Land: Buses and cars are available.

Nile Cruises: Floating hotels offer regular cruises from Aswan – Luxor, the voyage takes from 3 to 7days

Accommodation :Luxor has different kinds of hotels with different levels.


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