Montazah Palace & gradens  in Alexandria.

Montazah Palace and Gardens in Alexandria

It’s almost impossible to find a destination like this in Egypt, it’s a huge garden facing the sea with lots to do, places to play, sit and watch the sea,

lots of places to eat and ancient buildings with a great design, the location is accessible by car as it will be really difficult to just walk inside ,but if you love walking so much ,it will be the perfect place for you, there are multiple restaurants with a variety of food and prices to choose from.

Al-Montazah is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Alexandria , with rare palm trees soaring into the sky, a variety collection of flowers, and large areas of enchanting greenery landscaped among the most exquisite gardens and the finest architectural designs


An oasis of calm and relaxing on the eastern edge of the city, Montazah is a lush haven of tall palm trees , trimmed lawns , fresh air and blossoming flowers that was once off-limits to all .Built as a hunting lodge in the 1890s by Khedive Abbas Hilmi, it was later extended substantially by King Fuad and used as the royal family’s summer house, and then by king Farouk the last king of Egypt.

The eccentrically designed Haramlek and Salamlek Palaces , with its ornate Florentine-inspired towers and Rococo flourishes, is not open to the public yet, but everyone is welcome to stroll within the beautiful gardens around it, which can be a welcome slice of nature after a day spent within Alexandria’s hustle.

On the coastal end of the park is a small beach with peculiarly whimsical bridge to a small island.

If you need a dose of relaxing , a trip to Montazah is just the ticket to restore your sanity before diving back into the inner city traffic.

The garden is reach of plants , palm trees around , and colorful roses at the Montazah Gardens, this is the park of the king , the space there is huge to the point that you won’t believe your eyes, such a beautiful place for an outing, picnic and great photo sessions.

New project to restore Alexandria’s iconic Al-Al-Montazahh Park and Palace

As president of Egypt AlSisi orders start of development at Alexandria’s historical Montazah area, giving orders to proceed with a comprehensive development of the area.

Therefore the plan should be with completing all technical and engineering studies required to develop the district and promote services to attract tourists from all over the world.

Also there is no intention in changing anything in the Palace’s park but increasing the landscape area.

The project’s aim

And the new project aims to transform the Montazah area into a global tourist destination And the project man ideas are about renew the Tea Island, Create a global yachting marine , development the royal gardens , development of monumental buildings and this plan was put on 2019 and it is under construction and should take a year or so.

There is a plan to an establish of a rotating wheel called “Alexandria’s Eye” similar to the London eye, at a height of 65 meters, “Fakhr Al Behaar Yacht” that originally belongs to The king Farouk. And to develop hotels and to increase the number of rooms in it, also there would be an establishment of a tropical garden, a hanging garden, a sports club, and there would be a development of the royal greenhouse. And taking special care of the rare trees in the garden.

We expect this to be an epic change, the Montazah itself is a great place yo visit very ambiance great experience to walk in Montazah park , and to enjoy garden plants from different origins and the sunset in front of the beach .

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