Oases A trip  to Relax and adventure
Oases A trip to Relax and adventure

“OASES, that the desert were my dwelling place” we always hear that from tourists that used to visit Egypt regularly, if you want to know why.. just read this article.

oases of calm and relaxation

The word oasis is often used to describe a place where you can forget the cares of everyday life, relax, rest and renew yourself, Egypt’s oases are just that ,unspoilt refuges from the modern world, pockets of civilization in the dramatic setting of the desert. Surrounded by sand and sky, the oases have a sense of timelessness rare in the 20h century.


Deserts from millions of years

Egyptians and nature have co-existed here since the Stone Age and maybe before, but the stars, the rock unique formations and the dunes defy the calculation of human calendars.

Egyptian oases are still the most varied in whole world, each with a distinguished unique character of its own

Wherever you stay, enjoy the tranquillity of the Bedouin lifestyle, the date groves and pigeon towers. For adventure and excitement, explore the majesty of the desert by camel or jeep safari, spend a night under the stars. Take a morning dip in the hot sulphur springs, the water and sit which have numerous curative properties.

The Egyptian oasis

Egypt has many oasis but the most famous and easy to reach are :
Siwa , dakhla ,and kharga which are located in the heart of the western desert

And also in your way to these oases you can visit the white , black and crystal’s deserts

Where you can chose of you prefer to stay the night at hotels or in a tint under the shiny stars

the most recommended one is Siwa specially for families and you can visit also ancient temples beside Enjoying the hot and cold water of the oases and the fantastic Safari with your professional tour-guide.

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