Rain of Alexandria
Rain of Alexandria

Alexandria is the Mediterranean main port city , and the second largest city in Egypt.

Romantic winter in Alexandria

Egypt has a comfort winter , and so is Alexandria. but in addition to some rainy days during winter.

In Alexandria, along the year , rain falls for about 45 days a year and collects up to 196 mm of precipitation.

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Rain and storms regular yearly schedule

the rainiest month in Alexandria

Winter starts from December to March, and January is the rainiest month of the year , when the rain falls for 11 days .

The annual storm’s schedule

The good news is , we are lucky to know that Alexandria has a regular yearly schedule for its storms and rain.

In this schedule, you can know each storm’s name, date ,duration and if it is rainy or dusty or just windy.

and we suggest you must read it before booking the date of traveling to Alexandria and keep in mind the best date to visit our lovely city Alexandria.

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