Saint Catherine mountain climbing
Saint Catherine mountain

Saint Catherine mountain Egypt, It is not a city but an area in Sinai, in Egypt.

Saint Catherine mountain is two hours away from Dahab,

it sure is a simple hike from Dahab, most famous for its religious significance, to all three religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism),

this is where God gave Moses the 10 Commandments.

•Highest mountain of Egypt

The mountain is above 2000 meters, and one of the best mountains in Egypt to climb, specially for nature lovers and hikers.

It is not hard at all to climb the mountain, people think it is difficult because they have never been here, but in fact climbing up the mountain is easier than you think.

People in their 60’s and 70’s come to climb the mountain, there is such an enjoyment in climbing the mountain, and the weather is just perfect all year.

It is where you will enjoy the beautiful scenery, It makes you happy just looking at the mountains and landscape, gives you a feeling of serenity, it is such an unbelievable feeling.

There is a Greek Orthodox Chapel (sometimes closed) and an open mosque, to pray there is unforgettable.

•What is the best time to do the St. Catherine hike?

Sinai is a hot dessert climate zone, so it won’t really make a difference however, spring would be the best time to enjoy the sunset, the blossom of breathtaking flowers you will be impressed seeing in the dessert and more.

•St. Catherine is unquestionably safe

It is a sacred and blessed place, the place where prophet Mousse lived, the place there is as safe as the people who inhabit it, don’t be afraid of visiting this magical place,

once you arrive you will be calm and you’ll feel the peace of this place, just keep your passport handy whenever you are there

•Do’s and Don’ts

First things first, always bring your water. All of St. Catherine’s water is based on underground wells,

the wells are located in valley of (Arbaeen) and also next to the monastery of St. Catherine,

therefore it is a bit difficult to get a fresh water on the mountain, so keeping bottles of water with you during hiking would be great.

Carry heavy clothes a blanket preferably as it gets really cold.

Come with good shoes, hiking boots is the best option.

Don’t over carry luggage while climbing the mountain.

Bring your own flashlight and gloves.

Come with a group of people, so that they give you all the energy you need.


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