The Nile river cruises
The Nile river cruises

A trip down the Nile

You are going to read and ask questions about the itinerary of a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan including sightseeing. If it is the best choice for you.

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Who Cruises?

Differences in ships can be dramatic, even on the same cruise line. Some ships are vast, offering a wealth of activities and excitement, including many lounges and shows.

Other, smaller ships encourage people to get to know each other, and port calls are less hectic.

A ship’s decor has a lot to do with passenger satisfaction. Some ships go in for neon and bright colours; others feature mahogany and muted shades. Some people travel to see ports; others find port calls a hassle and never want to leave the ship.

A rule of thumb may be that the longer the cruise is, the older the passengers are. In contrast, many cruise lines, especially those with 3 and 4 nights sailings, market to young adults and families.

Activity Lovers

Years ago, one of the big objections hard-driving personalities made to cruises was, “But what am I going to do all day?” Today’s question is, “When can I find time to rest?

All Nile cruises or the floating hotels always offer every possible amenities and activities all trips long. Passengers can keep busy with organized activities virtually all day (and night) long. Most activities are without charge.

Families :

most of cruise lines offer discounts for second and third child passengers in the same cabin, which is perfect for families with young children but crowded for adults. Some lines have special facilities for older children and teen-agers. Parents can kick back and relax while their children are supervised by professionals.


Cruises are ideal for groups of every sort, and most lines are happy to work with groups-often at reduced rates. The cruise line’s sales department works with the group’s travel agent to coordinate schedules as well as handle any special catering needs. Some ships have rooms that allow executives free use . Incentive groups respond well to the thought of a cruise.

Honeymooners :

Cruise lines realize that romance at the sea or the river Nile is very important. Most cabins have 2 narrow twin or double comfort beds, and Nile river cruise’s romantic trips are the best choice for honeymooners and couples.

Relaxers :

Cruises are ideal for those who want to get away from it all, those who want or need to relax completely. Passengers unpack and pack only once and get to see several destinations. It is quite possible to do absolutely nothing other than eat, drink, enjoing the nature and sleep . Virtually every expense is prepaid, except bar bills, and some times the shore excursions if it is not including in your package, and shopping for sure. There are no prices on the menus. Passengers can predict the cost of their vacation accurately and do not have to carry large sums of money. A cruise means a decisionless vacation; there is never a question of where to eat and how much it will cost.

Singles :

For the single passenger, cruises provide a heaven-sent opportunity to meet people without appearing to want to. Every ship has numerous activities that single people of all ages are encouraged to join.

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