A French archaeological mission announces a strange archaeological discovery in Alexandria
A French archaeological mission announces a strange archaeological discovery in Alexandria

The research and excavation operations carried out by the Institut français d’archéologie orientale – IFAO today succeeded in discovering a tomb in a region (Kremos in Alexandria) that contains many rare artefacts, some of which were made of pure gold in addition to a very large number of coins made of different metal alloys.

However, what increases the excitement of this discovery is that the contents of the cemetery of artifacts date back to different eras, and the remains of the body in the cemetery have not yet been inferred from the identity of its owner, and it is not known whether the body was a knight or a noble.

However, one of the likely possibilities is that the owner of the body may be just a local collector of antiquities and that this cemetery is the place that contains what this person discovered and collected, and that this cemetery was nothing but his house, which was demolished above it, and buried under (his ruins).

And to make this possibility even more likely is the presence of a group of pieces belonging to different times.

The following is a statement of the contents of the cemetery:

1- The remains of a decomposed body.

2- 4 ceramic jars containing 4217 pieces of gold.

3- Three crowns made of pure gold, and decorated with inscriptions and pictures.

4- Two helmets made of copper

5- A medium-sized bell made of copper and silver.

6- A large collection of gold and silver-plated rings.

7- 4 swords made of pure gold and inlaid with precious stones.

8- Number 112 dagger made of copper. Fencing helmet made of brass and silver.

9- A piece of ebony carved in the shape of a face.

10- A pit inside the tomb covered with rocks containing 9,000 pieces of gold and silver.

11- A pipe length of 2 meters, engraved with the names of figures, and at the bottom, there are 12 jars containing approximately 8,236 coins that were commonly used in Egypt for trade purposes, and on it is written the name and picture of a king.

The coins are being cleaned up and an attempt to infer the time period to which these coins belong.

As we write these lines, the research team is working on completing the engineering and geophysical combing of the archaeological site, in addition to the surrounding area, in an attempt to uncover more artefacts and search for evidence that may remove the mystery surrounding this discovery.

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