Visiting Egypt and nature lovers
For lovers of nature and wildlife good luck in Egypt. There is the enchanting desert extending within sight and the Bedouin life in the Sinai.

The visitor also finds the lush oases in the embrace of the sandy hills, like Siwa, and experiences desert life in simple housing and hotels built with a design that reflects the nature of the oases and the culture of its people.

You can also take rare photos during sunrise or sunset.

Indeed, and for those who love the sea, there are the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, each of which has a unique peculiarity that differs from the others.

The visitor may prefer to spend some time on a cruise in Lake Nasser, which is the largest industrial lake in the world, aboard one of the luxurious floating hotels, and enjoy the practice of many activities, whether on board the ship or watch one of the most beautiful temples of Pharaonic Egypt at all, which is the Abu Simbel Temple.

In the evening, the visitor spends an unforgettable evening under a clear sky studded with twinkling stars and a picturesque moonlight.

Nature in Egypt


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