Transfer of 22 of Royal Mummies in Cairo

The transfer of 22 Royal Mummies

The ancient Egyptian civilization is a bridge from the past to the present and it is our responsibility to extend it to the future.

Egypt undoubtedly has some of the most important ancient monuments , it is also the cradle of human civilization .

Egypt has culture treasures from the Pharaonic, Greek and Roman, Coptic and Islamic historic periods.

This project of transfer 22 Royal Mummies started as a follow up to the project they had from 1959 till 1980 which lead to the opening of Nubia museum in Aswan till the launching and establishing of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization , the new home of the 22 Royal Mummies

The museum has several days sections and the design in every section is completely different. Almost two months ago Dr.Khaled El Enany ,the Minister of Antiquities of Egypt has announced the opening to the public of the first part of the museum which was a temporary exhibition gallery with an area of 1000 square meters.

One of the largest museums devoted to the Egyptian civilization in the world, which is the result of fruitful cooperation between the UNESCO and the ministry of antiquities of Egypt. UNESCO , the United Nations organization that deals with cultural and humanistic issues , has a vital and strategic relationship with Egypt that has grown strong since the first days of the creation of the organization.

A global alliance was established to save the monuments of Nubia. In response to UNESCO’s appeal many countries including Egypt donated funds to save these priceless treasures that are considered to be of outstanding historic value for all humankind.

The celebration of the new home of 22 Royal Mummies marks an achievement, an important step in the history of this project , one of a longstanding cooperation between the UNESCO and the ministry of antiquities of Egypt.

The idea behind this museum is to tell the history of the Egyptian civilization from past to present times.The museum is built over 33 acres as part of the program designed by UNESCO.

At the museum there is a Royal mummies gallery that will exhibit 20 Royal mummies. It has two buildings, the entrance is a public area for the visitor’s services ,guest can find a variety of entertainment , cinema, cafes , restaurants , theatres and lectures.

The core exhibition highlights the artefacts in chronological order, giving the visitor an overview of Egyptian history. There are six different thematic galleries which presents the continuity of the Egyptian civilization .Also there is storage facilities of mummies with capacity for 36 mummies ,those mummies will be preserved in Nitrogen gas.

There is a team of trained curators one of their main tasks include guiding both Egyptian and foreign visitors.

Such a great museum with amazing architecture , it’s very impressive.

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