The extreme cultural diversity in Egypt has left its mark on the nature of food in Egypt. We may not exaggerate in saying that Egyptian food satisfies all different tastes , and can be suitable for most of guests and tourists. Egyptian food is in itself a cultural story that is told, and as a result, restaurants vary between popular restaurants in the old and heritage neighbourhoods, to luxury restaurants, some of which offer popular Egyptian food as a kind of distinction.
However, food in Egypt is not limited to Egyptian meals, as we find all kinds of food from the countries of the world. The Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants are available in Egypt with high quality.


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Economically speaking, food is also not a constraint to any budget. There are dishes like beans and koshari, which are delicious, but they don’t cost much. While there are other dishes that cost a lot.
And because Egypt geographically overlooks both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, in addition to the Nile River, seafood has a lot in Egyptian cuisine. Also, seafood price levels range from cheap to expensive.


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