Winter in Egypt
Winter in Egypt

Egypt is beautiful all year round , and there are always many activities to be done whenever you come to visit Egypt.

And what is unique about Egypt’s weather is that it is not annoying for you , as you can Enjoy your trip in most of the year’s days.

*is winter the best time to visit Egypt?

the answer is :
the best time to visit Egypt as a tourist is depends on what do you love to do.

For example ,if you like to swim in the pool or relax facing the sea, you may think to plan your trip in summer or spring.

but the good news for you is that you can do all that in winter and fall too! can you imagine that !

yes you can, though winter in Egypt is so cold , but in some cities it is cool at night and warm all day long such as Sharm elsheikh , Hurghada , Dahab the three marvellous cities in the red sea , also you can Enjoy the swimming pool at your hotel or Nile cruise (floating hotel) in Luxor and Aswan

*is Egypt so cold in winter?

winter in Egypt is sunny in the morning and cold in the evening in most of it.

that means , you can Enjoy your tours in the morning ,breathing the fresh cool air and feeling warm sun in the same time ,

even if it is cloudy this day , the weather is suitable for moving and going outdoor to explore the sightseeing’s of the city .

*what about the rain?

rain is heavy in the Northern coastal cities (The Mediterranean sea )during winter like Alexandria , Rossitta and Port Saed and these cities have its regular rain schedules that you can have a look on it before you book your tour to them.

but about Cairo, Red sea , Siwa , Fayoum, Luxor and Aswan the weather is dry and rain is rarely happens.

*does it snow in Egypt?

The only city where you can see the white smooth snow is Saint Cathrin city in Sinai because it is located in higher level. but in other cities you can see only rain and sometime hail.

*What to do in Winter time?

winter is a perfect time to Enjoy all the outdoor activities in Egypt , to visit the historical sightseeing , to get inside underground ancient coloured tombs , to dive and swim , to discover the deserts and the oases without high risk of harmful reptiles and insects , to enjoy walking in the daylight under the sun without the risk of sunstroke. it is time to move freely and have fun.

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